The Two Kingdoms

Welcome to the Two Kingdoms, come inside and have a look! Over there, in the Kingdom of Happiness, you can see what Countess Honesty looks like, where Prince Trust lives and why Queen Love is so powerful. Take a look inside the Kingdom of Sorrow. I know, it is not very pleasant but it is very interesting – here we have Baron Anger, Duchess Hurt, Prince Shame and many, many others. And of course, you can see Queen Hate and find out why it is so important to stay away from her.

You will see how all their noble subjects can affect the lives of the children and their parents. You will read about their stories and although some of them may have also happened to you, you will now be able to look at them from a new perspective. You will have a great time from the first page until the last and in the end, you will know more about your own feelings, you will know why you feel them and where they come from. You will also learn some really useful ways for dealing with those moments in life which are not so pleasant.

We wish you a wonderful time in the Kingdom of Happiness! More ↓

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Product Description

Praise for “The Two Kingdoms”:

“We love this book at home! And even have a new family gesture created after reading it many times. When someone acts angry, jealous or selfish he waves over his shoulder to chase away the visitor from the Kingdom of Unhappiness”, Irena Toneva

“I am very grateful that you created this book! My daughter is 8, she always acts like the glass is half empty. And with The Two Kingdoms she can feel that there is more”, Maria Todorova

“A wonderful guide for the children and their parents in the confused world of feelings. The author shows cleverly and captivatingly how come one feeling leads to another and how you can get out from the trap of the negative emotions”,


1st from Bulgarian books at “Biserche valshebno” 2015 awards, category 9-11 YO

ISBN 978-619-7131-07-9

Written by: Katya Antonova

Illustrated by: Martina Andonova

Published: December 2014

Pages: 136

Hard cover

Dimensions: 21 х 29 х 1,3 cm

Weight: 730 g

For children 6-12 YO and their parents