How Do You Feel, Teddy Bear?

„How Do You Feel, Teddy Bear?” is a game that lets you enter the child's world of emotions, while you have fun together!

It is also a very useful tool for every parent who wants to improve the communication with their child and to help the development of their child's emotional intelligence. Children experience all kinds of emotions, but they can't name them, can't cope with them. That's why it is important to help our children recognize their feelings, express them, differentiate the needs that hide behind them. To teach them that there are no good or bad emotions. To let them accept their feelings without evaluating, banning, ignoring. „How Do You Feel, Teddy Bear?” can help exactly for that.

It is “played” by a child and a parent, together. The child chooses a teddy bear face with emotion for a certain situation – there is no wrong answer, all combinations are possible. The final goal is to start a conversation. More ↓

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Product Description

The creators of „How Do You Feel, Teddy Bear?” are:

Katya Antonova, a writer of children’s books – „Fishie”, “The Two Kingdoms”, „Princess Stories And Other Extraordinary Adventures”.

Elena Anastasova, a certified coach for Dr. Thomas Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training.

Yana Alexieva, a graduated psychologist, working exclusively with children using positive psychotherapy techniques.


Praise for „How Do You Feel, Teddy Bear?”:

“A very useful tool! My daughter, 3 years old, was very tense and nervous. I asked her if she wanted us to play togеther “How Do You Feel Teddy Bear?” She was choosing the Sad face for each situation, even for Teddy’s birthday. Because, she said, he has to be with some other people and not with his mommy. I realized she misses me and we went on a pastry house togеther and had fun. She was so calm and joyful afterwards!”, Petya Bozhinova

“Congratulations for the lovely game! Playing it we can enter the world of our children’s feelings which is so important for them to grow healthy and happy.”, Tania Tsvetkova

“Thank you for creating this wonderful game! My two children have verbal dyspraxia and you gave me an opportunity to look deeper in their emotional world, to understand their feelings in certain important life situations for which they still cannot tell me. I can say I am a more confident mother now, thanks to you!”, Boriana Stancheva

“I work with children on autistic spectrum and am very pleased with “How Do You Feel, Teddy Bear?”. The game is very useful and applicable, and the illustrations are so beautiful!”, Valeria Milcheva

ISBN 978-619-7131-03-1

A set contains:
13 situation-cards (2,5 mm thick);
9 teddy bear faces with emotions (2.5 mm thick) in a separate small fabric bag;
a leaflet with instructions (8p);
a big fabric bag;
a carton label

Created by: Katya Antonova, Elena Anastasova, Yana Alexieva

Illustrated by: Kristina Toujarova

Published: April 2014

Dimensions: 22 х 29 х 6 cm

Weight: 1000 g

For persons from 2 to 8 YO and their parents