What could you possibly expect from a book called “Fishie” to be about? A cat of course! A cat children already know well from “The Princess Stories And Other Extraordinary Adventures”.

For those unacquainted with Fishie, he is a young white cat who leaves his home and friends to embark on a quest for true love! His adventure turned out to be much more intriguing and exciting than we would have expected. Fishie met lots of characters, both friendly and odd, got into situations that had him surprised, upset, and happy. He dwelled in a hat, met Gabby who had trouble pronouncing “m”, made friends with the great artist Raffael, and almost bought a rabbit. And in the end… he fell in love!

“Fishie” is the 1st crowdfunded book in Bulgaria. It gathered its budget in only 43 days and was successfully published in December 2013. “Fishie” is the debut of Ribka Publishing. More ↓

If you’d like to receive an extract of the book in English, please, just write us an email at milen@

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Product Description

Praise for “Fishie”:

“This is the favorite book of my son! After he read it so many times now we have a cat and, of course, he named it Fishie.”, Dora Ivanova

“A favorite book of the whole family! If someone still doesn’t have it – let’s correct their mistake!“, Mihaelina Lilova

“Exciting, funny and full of humor! Narrating of topics like true love and happiness – not easy to be explained. Still with the help of Fishie Katya Antonova describes them simply and clearly,

ISBN 978-619-7131-01-7

Written by: Katya Antonova

Illustrated by: Evgenia Nikolova

Published: December 2013

Pages: 108

Hard cover

Dimensions: 22 х 22 х 1,5 cm

Weight: 550 g

For children: 4-12 YO