Ribka Publishing is a small Bulgarian publishing house for children’s books. Small in size. Big in heart.

We started in the end of 2013 with our own title Fishie. Besides „Ribka Publishing” our other names are Katya Antonova, Evgenia Nikolova and Milen Antiohov.

Our purpose is to help Bulgarian children learn and understand what real art is by letting them hold it in their hands.


Our own titles

We create children’s books with really interesting texts and really artistic illustrations: Fishie, The Two Kingdoms, Petite & Sweet. And also various non-standard forms that help children’s emotional and psychological development – like How Do You Feel, Teddy Bear?



Imported titles

We import only the most artistic, the award winning and the most inspiring children’s books in the last years. Books of artists such as Oliver Jeffers, Emily Hughes, William Grill, Il Sung Na, Scott Campbell, Sally Gardner, David Roberts, etc.